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Our History

Fundación Educacional

In the year 2004, a group of multidisciplinary professionals of Nutrition, Psychology, Educational Psychology and Physical Education decided to work as a team to approach the nutritional problems from a comprehensive and preventive perspective, promoting an eating education through the actions of the community, assistance and research.

In 2006, we felt motivated to generate a change in the individuals and the society and, due to the outstanding results and progress made with our work, we created the Fundación Educacional (Educational Foundation). Our main objective was to generate the basis and the platform of a time-sustained growth. We attempt to reach a bigger number of people: children, teenagers and adults, to create a group conscience about the promotion of health and prevention of eating problems and disorders.

Thousands of students attending private schools in Zona Norte and Capital Federal have taken part in our educational workshops. In parallel with this, several activities with parents, teachers, heads and supervisors have been implemented.

We design and develop a wide variety of didactic games especially designed to facilitate the learning of the nutritional information that we give in our workshops.

In research, we study the eating habits and consumption standards of the population that we work with. The results of our research are published in prestigious scientific magazines.