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María Ana Angeleri, miembro de la red de emprendedores de la Argentina

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We educate to build healthy eating and activity behaviors

Fundación Educacional is a Civil Society Organization (CSO) where a team of professionals works every day to bring nutrition education to schools in Argentina. We use didactic games and fun activities in our programs, workshops, conferences, training and e-learning platforms.
We promote healthy eating and activity behaviors throughout the school community: children, teachers and families. We believe that health and nutrition education can help prevent chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and others.
We develop content based on World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations; we do the management with school authorities, train and accompany the teachers during the implementation, and we evaluate the results.
We have reached 401,383 children and adolescents, 17,492 teachers and 1,631 schools in 12 provinces of Argentina thanks to the companies that support us. The alliance with the sector of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) allows us to increase the scope attending our quality and continuous improvement required by the ISO 9001:2008 Certification.
Our dream is to paint the whole map of the country with healthy messages. We are looking for people and companies who believe that health and education are the foundations for children to build their future.

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Juana y su oso Mimo llegaron al jardín

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Sinergia entre ONG, Empresa y Estado

Comer rico comer sano, junto a Molinos
Comer rico comer sano, junto a Molinos

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Capacitaciones a docentes de Comer rico, comer sano
Capacitaciones a docentes de Comer rico, comer sano

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